I'm Sarai, (sir-rye) I'm 23. I’m a Florida native & dweller. I'm a wedding photographer; I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Photography—because I couldn’t image pursing anything else. 

Fun Facts: I’m about as sappy as they come, so it's very possible you may see me crying at your wedding! I’m actually allergy to gluten & dairy, but it’s all good because that means I get to eat an ungodly amount of Mexican food & avocados. Pretty sure my body is made up of 65% coffee. With that being said, I do make a mean latte.  I own a very large quantity of oversized flannels. I’m also that person that goes to Petsmart on free weekends just to smother all the doggies up for adoption. Loyal Orlando Magic fan--through thick & thin(although forever missing Tracy McGrady). I quote the movie Daddy Day Care on a daily basis because it's amazing.  

I think there’s something so special about human affection & connection. I believe we were all created to love & be loved.

I’ve always been a hopeless-romantic, so I found my dream career in capturing the most hopelessly romantic moments.

But most importantly, I love people & I love relationships. I’ve found that what makes my heart beat fastest is capturing the bond that's only seen when shared between two people in love. 

I’m that photographer that gets excited with you; that wants to celebrate your relationship just as much as you do! When we shoot, I don't want us to just be "taking pictures"... I want it to be a time where you're spending the day, in a pretty place, with the person you're madly in love with. I want to create something beautiful with the genuine, quirky, playful, heart-stopping, & crazy love that yours is. I wanna get the real stuff, the real you. You know, that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, world-series kind of love

I want to capture who you are—together. My ultimate desire is to give you the experience of reminiscing on those sweet, smitten moments…and all you can say to one another is, “We’re the best thing that’s ever happen to us.

Let's do it :) 

love, Sarai